Several weeks ago i found this wonderful brand called Tilda and i totally felt in love!!!
The amazing colors, patterns and great fabrics are just gorgeous.
Tilda is a craft brand started by the Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999.
She is also a author and her books are pure eye candy!
I absolutely LOVE the photography in her books.
Every time I open a Tilda´s books it makes me want to start on all the projects immediately
and redecorate my all house and studio!

Tilda is most known for the whimsical, comical and naive characters in the form of animals and dolls. Tilda's world is without a doubt a feminine one, and the most recognisable features are the faces, with two dots for eyes and rosy cheeks.

Look how amazing and beautiful are these colors, these ribbons and labels. OMG:)

At her store we can find beautiful ribbons and buttons, fabrics, dolls, wrapping papers, sewing accessories, and so much more that you can imagine!!!
I bought myself a couple of things that I will show you here with my first DYI project. :)

Hope this post will inspire you, as inspired me and see you soon with my DIY project with Tilda´s accessories.



Photos: Images courtesy of Tilda´s Brand.

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  1. What beautiful colors, textures, and objects! It puts me in a great mood just looking at it. Thank you!

  2. Anónimo10/28/2011

    Oh, I think I'm in love too! Everything is so wonderful and whimsical - I want one of each! I agree with you, the photography is lovely. Photos like this always get my creative juices flowing.

    - Jennifer (BYW)

  3. Hello Lauren and Jennifer:)
    Thank you for your visit and comments!
    You are both rigth - these photos of TILDA are just great, and if you try to make some DIY projects with the brand products you just can´t stop:)) xoxo

  4. Tilda is great! I use her fabrics a lot in my handmade work!

  5. Hi, I'm popping over from the BYW forums. Your photos are amazing. I enjoyed reading your blog!

  6. Tilda collection is AMAZING!!!! Colors are sooo peaceful and fun!


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