Kari Herer

I know Spring is almost at the end but I couldn´t resist to show you this great images of flowers and animals by the great artist Kari Herer.  She´s from Maine - Portland and she has a beautiful blog and also an Etsy Store with great images you cab buy. I already buy two rabbits - (its our family name) to our new house, and I am looking forward to receive them!!!! (rabbit 1 + rabbit 2)

 I LOVE bugs and this one its so delicate. I will put it on the kitchen wall.

 This one its perfect to put near a fireplace.

 The Rabbits and...

 The Fox...

They match so well together!! So, visit her ETSY shop and see many other beautiful prints you can buy for a good price and that will be so wonderful at your place.
Have a great week!

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